Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bush Kinder and Regulations

Bush Kinder has challenged many educators view on what early childhood education should look like.
Over the past fortnight I have been fortunate to make conference presentations and engage in discussion with many inspired educators at the City of Yarra and Wyndham City. These Councils see the benefits that engaging children in nature will have on their community.
Too often as educators we do not follow through with great ideas in fear of regulations. Sadly we do this even when we know our ideas are good for children.
As advocates for children we need to question and read more deeply. Australian law and regulations can and does support good curriculum ideas. The Australian National Quality Framework certainly supports educators providing meaningful learning experiences to children. When offering great ideas like Bush Kinder, educators will be challenged to justify why they are offering it. It is important to recognise and articulate why and how Bush Kinder benefits children, their community and the wider world.
With Claire Warden at Wyndham's educators conference.

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